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Laboratory on Algorithms for Big Data

  • CFU: 6
  • Period: First semester
  • Language: English
  • Degree: Master degree in Computer Science, or Computer Science and Networking, or Business Informatics

Goals and opportunities for students

The course consists of a first part of lectures describing advanced algorithms and data structures (3 CFU), and a laboratory in the second part (3 CFU) in which the students will deploy these techniques to develop a software project. The students will select their projects among a set of proposals by major IT companies which are challenging from an algorithmic perspective. These companies will also contribute to identify/construct significant datasets that will help in testing the proposed algorithmic solutions.

The course will provide the opportunity of

  • facing with difficult algorithmic problems of practical interest involving big data;
  • evaluating the impact of efficient algorithmic solutions in the design of software managing big data;
  • implementing advanced software by using powerful and sophisticated libraries;
  • getting in touch with some companies for internships, scholarships, or thesis proposals.

Current Year

Previous Years

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