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Robotics A.Y. 2019/2020

Professors: Cecilia Laschi, Egidio Falotico

IMPORTANT NEWS (March 8, 2020):



Robotics Basics & Assignment

Assignment: Search the internet for a good example of a robot responding to our definition:

A robot is an autonomous system which exists in the physical world, can sense its environment, and can act on it to achieve some goals

(It can be done in small groups of two students)

Next next class (Monday February 24):

  • Present your robot with few slides (including pictures)
  • Explain how it responds to the definition
  • Show its main components
  • If bioinspired, explain why/how/where

Fundamentals of Robotics and Control

Bioinspired Robotics

Robot vision

Journal Club


  1. Peter Agoston
  2. Matteo Barato
  3. David Berei
  4. Dennis Bettels
  5. Leonardo Calamita
  6. Luca De Martino
  7. Michele Fontanesi
  8. Marco Gaglianese
  9. Diletta Goglia
  10. Cristopher William Izquierdo Verdogo
  11. Pietro Leonardi
  12. Stefan Motoc
  13. Paolo Murgia
  14. Marco Pedix
  15. Andrea Puccioni
  16. Matteo Ronchetti
  17. Mario Saracino
  18. Jessica Sartori
  19. Rudy Semola
  20. Giovanni Sorice
  21. Luca Strazzera
  22. Gabriele Tenucci
  23. Marianthi Vasilopoulou
  24. Raffaele Villani
  25. Sharath Chandra Yanamandra


See UniPI official website with exam calendar.

Students' list for JUNE 11, start at 9.00 (please consider at least 30 min.s per student):

  1. Strazzera
  2. Izquierdo
  3. Vasilopoulous
  4. Petix
  5. Yamanandra
  6. Saracino
  7. Calamita
  8. Berei
  9. Fontanesi
  10. Goglia
  11. Semola

Exams are in the same MS Teams 'Robotics' room as for lectures. You can get in anytime.

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