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Computer Facilities at the Polo Fibonacci

As students of the University of Pisa, and in particular being the Master organized also by the Dept. of Computer Science, you have right to have an “account” at the Polo Fibonacci. Once you get your “student id number”, you can compile a form (M.A.R.) which is available at the Polo Fibonacci and ask for your account. In a few days, you can get a module with your account name and the initial password. Within the same module you'll get the * this is the rules you need to follow and know to access the account. This is an electronic version (text only) of the rules given in the document with login and passwd (to be used with google translate service).

Pages with the rules to access the Fibonacci computer center facilities can be found at the web pages. These pages are in italian. I tried to use google translation service and the translated pages are quite good. So (this is only for the non Italian speaking students, of course) look at these pages for info on computer center facilities. I summarize here just some “main points” relative to the usage of the computer science facilities:

  • computer center (and classrooms) closes at 18.30 in the afternoon. You are not allowed to stay in the classrooms or in the computer rooms and somebody will ask you to exit, if still there.
  • the account you get comes with a computer generated password. To change the passwd, login with the existing password on one of the computer center Linux PCs, type ssh on a terminal window. You will be first prompted for the old password, then twice for the new one. Once you complete the procedure (closing the terminal) a script running in max 3 hours will update all the databases and the new passwd will operative
  • the account allows you to access any computer in the Fibonacci area (classrooms and labs nearby) and the wireless network (see below). Access is supposed to be just for “teaching” purposes. You are responsible of all actions performed with your account. Do not give your passwd to other persons.
  • wireless access is available at the ground floor. Choose “Fibonacci” network (it's free), open a browser and point to You'll get a login: passwd: page. Fill up your login and passwd and you'll get access to the network/web.
  • you can set up your own web page creating a directory name public_html under your home page. The index.html (or .php) in that directory will be read in a browser pointing at the page
  • with the account you get an email account You can access your mailbox through webmail at
  • all machines in the computer center are dual boot. Choose reboot/shutdown from the login screen and when the machine reboots choose either Linux (debian) or Windows in the startup GRUB menu (be fast! the menu has a timeout, after which the machine restarts in linux)
  • your account has a disk quota and a print quota. See values on the web pages. Be careful, they are small values!
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