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SPM support material 2010-2011

Course Notes

The course notes are available and they have been distributed (hardcopy) to the students that managed to bring them to some “copy center” (I don't know which one(s)). If you need a copy, please ask your colleagues or ask me the master copy (to be given back after copying). The table of contents of the course notes can be find here. Here you can find the errata corrige page relative to the notes.

Functional semantics

  • Link to sample functional semantics page
  • Link to complete functional semantics page

Book covering the last part of the course lesson

The last part of the course includes arguments related to Peer-2-peer and to Wireless networks. These arguments are not covered by the course notes released in April. Rather, they can be studied on the book

Referring to the fourth edition (although the 5th is already available), the material is covered by Sec. 2.6 Peer-to-Peer Applications and by Chap. 6 Wireless and Mobile Networks. These sections were already completely covering the contents of the last part of the course already in the 3rd edition, which is available in Italian (for the students of the “Informatica” master).

VMWARE image with tools

To enable students to play with the tools mentioned and used during the course, I prepared an Ubuntu based VMWARE image, where all the frameworks discussed in the course are already been included.

The image is available here: ubuntu.tgz. Be careful, it's a large file (more than 2 Gb!).

To use this image:

  1. install the VMWARE player for your machine (free players are available from the VMWARE web site for both Linux and Windows)
  2. download the ubuntu.tgz image file
  3. unpack it
  4. run the player
  5. tell it to open the ubuntu virtual machine (that is, choose to open the file ubuntu.vmx)
  6. if the player asks what about the virtual machine click the button “I copied it”
  7. once the virtual machine is up and running, log in as user spm with password spmspm
  8. on the desktop you'll find a readme, a folder with all sources and a number of links to web pages of some of the supported structured programming frameworks.

It is worth pointing out if you use this image no modification is made to you boot disk/windows partition, unless you do specific actions mounting the partition under Ubuntu and modifying the partition with superuser rights.

It is also worth pointing out the virtual machine uses just one core, therefore no multicore features will be active on the virtual machine!

Design patterns

  • Amazon pointer to Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software book by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John M. Vlissides (this is not relative to “parallel” patterns, actually)
  • Amazon pointer to Patterns for Parallel Programming by Mattson, Sanders and Massingill, this is the book of parallel design patterns mentioned during the lessons
  • Parallel design pattern resource page
  • 1 2 3 4 : pointers to papers by Massingill et al. illustrating parallel design patterns.
  • A fresh look at the parallel programming problems: A View of the Parallel Computing Landscape by Krste AsAnoViC, rAstisLAV boDiK, JAmes DemmeL, tonY KeAVenY, Kurt KeutZer, John KubiAtoWiCZ, neLson morGAn, DAViD PAtterson, KoushiK sen, John WAWrZYneK, DAViD WesseL, AnD KAtherine YeLiCK.
  • Slides of the lesson given to the course of Prof. Semini on parallel design patterns (June 1st, 2011)



Further links, e.g. those related to other structured programming frameworks, may be found on the support page of A.A. 2010-2011.

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