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Distributed Systems: Paradigms and models


Day Hours Argument Blackboard Multimedia
Sept. 21 0 Lessons will start on Sept. 22nd
Sept. 22 2 Course introduction blackboard Video
Sept. 23 2 Parallel programming: concurrent activity and orchestration concepts. Sample use cases (with patterns) blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Sept. 28 2 Threadpool with C and C++ (Code) blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Sept. 29 2 Threadpool with Java. Time measure tools. Performance measures. (Code) blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Sept. 30 2 Concurrent activity graph. Non functional concerns. blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 5 2 More on non functional concerns: chekpointing (fault tolerance), load balancing (performance) blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 6 2 Task and data parallelism (with CA graphs) blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 7 2 Performance modelling of parallel patterns: pipeline. blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 12 2 More on stream parallel patterns: task farm. Implementation of task farm: E-W*-C and master worker. Using the same implementation schema for data parallel map. (TODO: have a look at OpenMP 4.0 by Wednesday (only parts agreed during lesson) blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 13 2 More on data parallel patterns: reduce. Using the farm template (E-string(W)-C) to implement a reduce. Algorithmic skeletons: introduction and historical perspective. blackboard Video1h Video2h not available
Oct. 14 2 OpenMP: classroom discussion blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 19 2 More on OpenMP: variable clauses (private,lastprivate,firstprivate) and reduce clauses. Forking of tasks to the threadpool. Skeleton frameworks: Compositionality blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 20 2 Sample code in OpenMP. Template based skeleton framework implementation blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 21 2 More on template based implementation for skeleton frameworks: optimizing parameters (par degree). Macro data flow implementation. blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 26 2 Macro Data Flow optimizations. Introduction to Skandium blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 27 2 Skandium: performance, impact of the implementation schema on performance, stream parallel rewritings. Functional semantics of skeletons and motivations of the rewriting rules. blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Oct. 28 2 More on rewriting rules. Normal form as sequence of rewriting. Searching a tree of equivalent skeleton trees. Assignment of Game of Life excercise blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Nov. 9 2 Access to Xeon PHI and compiler workflow. Introduction to vectorization: principles, condition to vectorize, icc compiler flags. blackboard Video1hVideo2h
Nov. 10 2 Introduction to FastFlow. Building a simple pipeline. ClassWork1. Slides Video1h
Nov. 11 2 Building a task-farm in FastFlow. Mixing pipeline and task-farm. ClassWork2. Assignment of ClassWork3. Slides not available
Nov. 16 2 More on vectorization: memory alignment and flags (Intel vectorization material here and here. Introduction to SKEPU. blackboard Video1hVideo2h (sorry, no audio (alsa problem))
Nov. 17 2 More on FastFlow task-farm pattern. Master-Worker computation, feedback channels, scheduling policies. How to define your own scheduler for the farm. ClassWork2 discussion. Assignment of ClassWork4. Slides Video1h
Nov. 18 2 FastFlow ParallelFor and ParallelForReduce patterns. ClassWork4 discussion. Assignment of ClassWork5. Slides Video1h
Nov. 23 2 Autonomic mangement of non functional concerns blackboard Video1hVideo2h
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