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SPM 2010-2011: Exams, lessons and support material

Exam calendar

Date Time Candidates
July 26, Tuesday 3pm Belli, Cicalese
July 27, Wednesday 10am Dondi, Piermartini, Saracco
July 28, Thursday 11am Vetrano
July 29, Friday 11am Del Tessandoro
August 23, Tuesday 10am Leta Melakmuji, Seifu

All exams will be in teacher's office, at the Dept. of Computer Science.

Final project (text)

This is the PDF of the final project for the Academic Year 2010-2011, as presented in the lesson of May 12th. A HTML version of the project can be accessed through professor's web page.

Deadlines for the submission of the project

The deadlines for project submission (project report + project code tar.gz) are the following ones

Exam Deadline for project submission
1st summer term June 6th
2nd summer term June 27th
3rd summer term July 15th
4th term Sept. 16th


A student (group of two students) wishing to start working on the project should first “negotiate” the project. He/she should communicate to the professor the project chosen sending an email (subject “SPM project choice”). The email text should give an idea of

  • which project subject has been chosen and
  • of the unspecified parameters of the project.

In case of “free application”, as an example, the application chosen should be introduced; in case of any application, the framework chosen for the implementation is to be specified; etc. The professor, in a short amount of time, returns an acknowledge message possibly including more detailed requirements and/or modifications of the choices made by the student/s. In particular cases, the professor may ask the student(s) to discuss the project assignment during question time. After the acknowledge, the assignment is registered on the project web page and the student(s) may start working. Project messages may be sent from May 16th on. The assignment negotiated will be valid for the whole academic year, that is the professor expects the agreed project is submitted in one of the exam sessions of the Academic Year 2010-2011 (therefore up to February 2012, included).

Assignments (so far)

The table below states the project assignments assessed so far (sorted by student surname). As of the number of students that have chosen the Image stream processor *and* the Matrix multiplication Skandium project up to now I prefer not accepting any more projects of this type. You can choose Image stream processor/Matrix multiplication with another framework or another application with Skandium.

Student Project Architecture Tools Agreed on
Baldini Francesco APPL: Image stream processors Multicore Skandium 19/05
Belli Roberto APPL: Image stream processor Multicore Skandium 20/06
Bozzi Andrea APPL: directory comparison Multicore Skandium 14/06
Cecchi Gianluca APPL: matrix multiplication Multicore Skandium 27/05
Cicalese Andrea APPL: matric multiplication Multicore Skandium 4/07
Comignano Micheli SK: free → comparison map OpenMP vs. OpenCL Multicore OpenCL 27/05
Corona Nicola APPL: free appl → data mining Multicore Skandium 11/10
Del Tessandoro Emilio APPL: Image stream processor Multicore FastFlow 17/05
De Salve Andrea APPL: free application → image collage Multicore Skandium 07/06
Dinelli Emanuele APPL: Image stream processor Multicore Skandium 23/05
Haileyesus Alemu SK: stencil Multicore Pthread 25/07
Hoess Leonard APPL: Image strea processor Multicore Muesli 14/06
Distefano + Vetrano SK: stencil Multicore Skandium* 15/06
Dondio Marco APPL: password tester COW Muesli 23/05
Galatolo Gabriele APPL: min sqare method Multicore FastFlow 26/07
Giuliani Simone SK: stencil ? C+MPI 11/07
Martinelli Francesca APPL: dir comparison Multicore Skandium 29/08
Mawi Gabriele APPL: free appl → image mosaic Multicore Skandium 12/10
Medici Gianluca APPL: Image Stream Processor COW Muskel 6/7
Leta Melkamu Jifar APPL: matrix multiplication Multicore Skandium 16/06
Melat Tesfaye APPL: MM Multicore Skandium 2/08
Muanenda Yonas Seifu APPL: Image stream processor Multicore Skandium 20/06
Mori Lorenzo APPL: prime factors of a stream of integers Multicore Skandium 23/06
Pacini Francesca SK: stencil Network of multicores C+MPI 2/11
Pastorini Marco SK: Parallel prefix Network of multicores C++ 16/05
Piccinno Francesco SK: stencil Network of multicores Pyhton/MPI 8/06
Piermartini Damiano APPL: matrix multiplication Multicore Skandium 17/05
Piras Rita APPL: matrix multiplication Multicore Skandium 11/10
Porcu Claudio APPL: machine learning appl Multicore Skandium 7/12
Saracco Francesco APPL: Image stream processor Multicore Skandium 14/06
Serban Tudor SK: free: wavefront skeleton Multicore Java 8/06


Students implementing the project on multicore architectures may have a temporary, local account on a dual quad core Intel of our department ( Ottavinareale is not integrated with the facilities so you cannot use your “student” account to access it. The procedure to obtain the account (only for those that already registered the project with the professor and appear in the list of assignments in this page) requires you come in my studio (during question time or in any other time I'm in) in such a way I immediately activate you an account and you can set your own password to access it.

More information on the usage of ottavinareale may be found at this web page.

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