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SPM 2015 final project

Final project text

The final project text includes three different possibilities for two different kind of projects, namely the implementation of a parallel pattern and the parallelization of a well known application/kernel. The full text (PDF document) of the project may be found following this link.

Name Notes
Skeleton project
MapReduce none
MultiPool none
Free none
FastFlow “low level” skeletons may be used to implement the skeletons. The “pool” skeleton should not be used to implement the MultiPool.
Application project
Parallel prefix none
Fishes and sharks none

Target architectures


This is a dual socket, 4 cores (2 way hyperthreading) Nehalem Intel architecture. It should be used just in case you decide to use Java or Skandium. Instructions to access andromeda may be found here.

Xeon PHI

This is an 8 core SandyBridge host with a Xeon PHI PCIe card. The Xeon PHI hosts 60 4-way hyperthreading cores (Linux). Instructions to access the Xeon PHI may be found here.

Project assignments

The following table reports the assignments agreed so far.

Student Project Framework Date assigned
Dario Balinzo Mapreduce C++ Pthreads Passed
Davide Busato Fishes and sharks FastFlow Passed
Luca Lovagnini MapReduce FastFlow Dec. 10, 2014
Behrouz Raesi MapReduce C++ Passed
Louis Duvivier Fishes and sharks FastFlow Passed
Maurizio Idini Free app: multilayer perceptron FastFlow Dec. 11, 2014
Jacopo Lipilini Free app: firewall DPI FastFlow Passed
Anna Tarsia Parallel Prefix Skandium Passed
Giuseppe Miraglia MapReduce FF o Pthread Dec. 15, 2014
Andrea Caraci Multipool OpenMP Dec. 23, 2014
Francesco Brundu Fishes and Sharks FastFlow passed
Filippo Delfino, Antonio Caporale Fishes and Sharks Skandium + COW Passed
Gian Maria Delogu Fishes and Sharks FastFlow Passed
Roberto Tacconelli Fishes and Sharks OpenMP Passed
Biniam Nigusse Parallel Prefix Skandium Feb. 9, 2015
Patrik Rosini Jacobi FastFlow Feb 12, 2015
Luca Novellis Fish and Sharks Meusli passed
Fabio Lucattini Fish and Sharks OpenMP Feb 2015
Aman Mohammed Fishes and Sharks Skandium Feb 2015
Alessio Massidda Histogram thresholding FastFlow Passed
Alemu Tadesse Metaferia Hello world genetic Skandium Passed
Bici Stela MapReduce FastFlow Mar 2015
Chiara Gervasi Parallel Prefix FastFlow passed
Massimo Cairo Map Reduce Java Passed
Giovanni Catania Parallel Prefix FastFlow Aug. 2015
Mattia Biggi Parallel Prefix Skandium Passed
Spediacci Fabio Parallel Prefix FastFlow Passed
Roberto Zanotto Parallel Prefix FastFlow Aug. 2015
Valdo Joao Fish and Sharks Skandium Sep. 2015
Luchetti Fabio FFT FastFlow Sep. 2015

Deadlines for the submission of the project

This are the official deadlines for the project submission

Session Deadline
First winter session January 14, 2015
Second winter session February 12, 2015
Second Extraordinary session April 13, 2015
First summer session June, 8, 2015
Second summer session June 29, 2015
Third summer session July 20, 2015
Autumn session September 9, 2015

Students that at the deadline of the Sept. session have the project “almost finished” may send me the code and report developed so far by the deadline (Sept. 9) and get some more day (7-10) to complete the project, as usual.

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