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Room Day Hour What
X1 Tuesday 11.00-13.00 Lesson (with prof)
Multimedia room Tuesday 14-16 Reading and Excercise (without prof)

Next lessons will be on Tuesday Oct. 3, 11am Room X1 and Tuesday Oct. 3 14pm in the multimedia room (Dept. of Computer Science).

Course notes

Course notes (last edition) may be found here

Support material 2017 (recovery edition)


Account on the host n order to access the machine try an ssh

When you access the machine the first time, please issue a command ssh-keygen answering with a RET at each one of the questions. After that I can enable you to log into the 60 core co-processor(s). Complete instructions can be found at this link.

Account Name
spm17c02 Lisi Andrea
spm17c03 Francesco Cariaggi
spm17c04 Leonardo Cariaggi
spm17c05 Tri Hong Nguyen
spm17c06 Michele Mazzoni
spm17c07 Gulio Auriemma
spm17c08 Gianluca Maraschio
spm17c09 Daniele Di Sarli
spm17c10 Mattia Setzu
spm17c11 Francesca Sbolgi
spm17c12 Giorgio Vinciguerra
spm17c13 Orlando Leombruni
spm17c14 Alessandra Fais
spm17c15 Cosimo Agati
spm17c16 Elena Bucchianeri
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