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Decision Support Systems (801AA, 12 ECTS) A.Y. 2023/24

The course presents the main methodological and technological approaches to the design and implementation of decision support systems based on business intelligence (datawarehousing, data mining, data science). The first module covers themes such as conceptual and logical Data Warehouses design, data analysis using analytic SQL, algorithms for selecting materialized views, data warehouse systems technology (indexes, star query optimization, physical design, query rewrite methods to use materialized views). The second module presents technologies and systems for data access, for building and analyzing data warehouses, for reporting, and for knowledge discovery in databases. The focus of the module is on the use of tools and on the analysis of application problems by means of non-trivial samples and case studies.

See Module I: Decision Support Databases for Module I (6 ECTS)

See Module II: Laboratory of Data Science for Module II (6 ECTS)

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