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Decision Support Systems - Module II (6 ECTS): LABORATORY OF DATA SCIENCE (2023/2024)

This is the second module of Decision Support Systems (801AA, 12 ECTS), previously called Laboratory of Data Science (664AA, 6 ECTS).


  • Roberto Pellungrini
    • KDD Laboratory, Scuola Normale Superiore
    • Office hours: Monday: 16:00-18:00 online using Teams or at Scuola Normale Superiore, Palazzo Della Carovana, room 88 (Third Floor) (Please ask an appointment by email).

Hours and Rooms


Day of Week Hour Room
Tuesday 09:00 - 11:00 Room Lab. M
Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00 Room Lab. H

A Teams channel will be used ONLY to post news, Q&A, and other stuff related to the course. The lectures will be only in presence and will NOT be live-streamed, but recordings of the lecture or of the previous years will be made available here for non-attending students.

Learning Material

Slides & Recordings of the classes

  • The slides used in the course will be inserted in the calendar after each class.
  • Recordings of each lecture will be made available for non-attending students.

Past Exams


Note: preconfigured virtual machines can be found in the Teams channel for both AMD64 (Intel/AMD) and ARM (Apple Silicon) architectures.


Class calendar - (2023-2024)

Day Topic Slides Data/Software References Video Lectures Teacher
1. 19.09 09:00-11:00 Introduction to the Course. BI Architecture. File data access. 2023-lds.01.introduction.pptx2023-lds.02.bi_architectures.pptx2023-lds.03.file_data_access.pptx - BI technology: An Overview of Business Intelligence Technology - File access: File System Interface video Pellungrini
2. 20.09 14:00-16:00 Representation formats: CSV, FLV, ARFF, XML. Python Recap. lds.04.python.pdf - File Formats: Introduction to data technologies(Chps. 5, 6), Weka ARFF Format, XRFF Format - Python reference: Free python book with exercises video Pellungrini
3. 26.09 09:00-11:00 Python Recap. + Python Excercises video1 video2 video3 Monreale, Landi
4. 27.09 14:00-16:00 Python File Access + Exercises lds.05.fileaccess-python2021.pdf video Pellungrini, Landi
5. 03.10 9:00-11:00 Python File Access + Exercises video Pellungrini, Landi
6. 04.10 14:00-16:00 Python File Access Exercises + RDBMS access protocols: ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC. ODBC Programming. lds.06.relational_data_access_2023.pdf ex-customers.pdf video Pellungrini, Landi
7. 10.10 9:00-11:00 RDBMS access protocols: ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC. ODBC Programming. Same slides as previous lecture video Monreale, Landi
8. 11.10 14:00-16:00 Exercise on Stratified Sampling + SQL server management demo lds.07.sqlserver.pdf video Monreale, Landi
9. 17.10 9:00-11:00 Stratified Sampling + SQL server management demo + ETL tools: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). lds.08.etlandssis.pdf video_prev_years Monreale, Landi
10. 18.10 14:00-16:00 ETL tools: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). video Pellungrini, Landi
11. 24.10 09:00-11:00 ETL practice: Pipeline same slides as previous lecture Monreale, Landi
12. 25.10 14:00-16:00 ETL practice: Stratified sampling + Dissimilarity Index ex-midterm.pdf Monreale, Landi
13. 31.10 09:00-11:00 ETL: Surrogate Keys + SCD exercisefact_table.pdf video Monreale, Landi
14. 07.11 9:00-11:00 CDC Process + Dissimilarity Index Exercise MPD video Monreale, Landi
15. 08.11 14:00-16:00 Project Support Monreale, Pellungrini, Landi
16. 14.11 09:00-11:00 DW + SSAS lds.09.dwandolap.pdflds.09.ssas-21.pdf 1) SSAS (olap): documentation; 2) S. Harinath et al. Professional Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 with MDX and DAX, Wrox publisher, 2012. Chps. 4-6 video Monreale, Landi
17. 15.11 14:00-16:00 Olab Cube Instructions for the SSAS project: to avoid conflicts in deployment/process follow this steps once the solution is opened: (1) rename the project as <your account>_foodmart (2) from project properties select 'Deployment', then rename the database as <your account>_foodmart; (3) click on the button “show all files” just above “Solution explorer” right click on “view code” on the .database file that is visualized, and then change the ID from current name into <your account>_foodmart, and finally save the file; (4) change the credentials of connection to database on SQL Server. As an alternative solution you mayimport the project from the SSAS server and rename it as <your account>_foodmart (step 4 is still necessary). video Monreale, Landi
21.11 09:00-11:00 Canceled
18. 22.11 14:00-16:00 OLAP Cube, Measure setup, Calculated Members, Excel power pivot integration. same slides of the last lecture Video Pellungrini, Landi
19. 28.11 09:00-11:00 Visual Studio advanced Features and MDX first examples same slides of the last lecture Video Pellungrini, Landi
20. 29.11 14:00-16:00 MDX Video1 Video2 Pellungrini, Landi
21. 05.12 09:00-11:00 MDX Monreale
22. 06.12 14:00-16:00 MDX Practice Pellungrini
23. 12.12 09:00-11:00 PowerBI, PowerPivot, MDX Practice Monreale
24. 13.12 14:00-16:00 MDX Practice + Project Discussion see the file with mdx queries of the previous lecture Monreale, Pellungrini, Landi


There are no mid-terms. The exam of Decision Support Systems (801AA, 12 ECTS) consists of a written part and an oral part on the topics of the first module (50% of the final grade), and a lab project with discussion on the topics of the second module (50% of the final grade). For the rules of the first module visit the Module I: Decision Support Databases. For details on the Lab project read with attention the next section. Module I and Module II must be passed at maximum distance of one year between them (they can be taken in any order).


A project consists in a set of assignements corresponding to a BI process: data integration, construction of an OLAP cube, qurying of a OPLAP cube and reporting.

The project has to be performed by a team of 2 students (at most 3 after asking authorization for that to the teachers).

Each part of the project must be documented with a brief pdf report (no more that 2/3 pages) describing your solution.

Project to be delivered within 31 December 2023

  • First part of the project consists in the assignments described here: lds_project_2023_part_1.pdf
  • Second part of the project consist in the assignments described here: lds_project_2023_part_2.pdf
  • Third part of the project consist in the assignments described here: lds_project_2023_part_3.pdf
  • Remember to re-submit all three parts of the project with your third part, as specified in the document above.
  • Deadline: First deadline 15 November
  • Deadline: Second deadline 8 December
  • Deadline: Third deadline -

Project to be delivered during the exam sessions Students who did not deliver the above project within 31 December 2023 need to ask by email a new project to the teachers. The project that will be assigned will require about 2 weeks of work and after the delivery it will be discussed during the oral exam. For those students, the oral exams will also cover some practical parts that could not be included in the project. Please write to all teachers!

Exam sessions

Registration to the written exam is mandatory (pay attention at the deadline for registering!): register here

Please indicate in the notes “Only Lab” for doing only the discussion of the lab project; “Only DSD” for doing only the written+oral part of the DSD module; or “DSD+Lab” for doing both.

Important: the date of the discussion of the lab project will be communicated to you. The dates at the registration website regard only the written part of the DSD module.

Past Editions

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